Rolling River Ranch & Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to adopt?
The adoption fee for dogs is $100, and the adoption fee for cats is $75. The adoption fee gets your pet:

-Age Appropriate Vaccinations
-Antibiotics as needed
-Earmite Treatment
-Flea Prevention
-Heartworm Prevention

What is the adoption process?

Fill out an adoption application:

An adoption counselor will be in contact with you shortly to assist you. 
Once you've decided on your new furever friend, their paperwork is checked and given to you, along with your new pet, and the adoption fee is due. 

Do you adopt out-of-state?

How old do I have to be to adopt?
18 or Older

Can I adopt a pet that's still in the shelter?
Absolutely! And, because you are committing to that pet without actually meeting him or her ahead of time, in some circumstances we may be able to offer you a foster to adoption situation to give you the time you need to determine if this is the right pet for you. Speak to your adoption coordinators to see if you qualify. And, please keep in mind, trial adoptions do require a commitment of at least 2 weeks – even if you discover that this particular pet is not the one for you. We need that time to find another suitable foster or adopter. The foster to adopt application is at

Can I apply to adopt without knowing which pet I want?
Yes! We are happy to  help you find a great fit!

Can you guarantee a pet's breed?
Nope. Unfortunately, the inherent nature of dog rescue means, we cannot guarantee a dog's breed. Many dogs end up in shelters because they are strays. And many more are turned in by owners who don't know or don't share their pet's history. Even when we know the puppy's mom, we only know half of the mix. The best we can do is make an educated guess based on the dog's appearance and temperament.

Do pets have to be spayed or neutered?
Yes. 100% Always

What do I do if my adopted pet is having trouble?
Let us know - the sooner the better! Small problems that start early-on become big problems as time passes. We have lots of resources to share with you. Moreover, because we have a large pool of volunteers who have been doing this for a long time, we probably have experience dealing with whatever issue you may be facing. Let us help!

What do I do if I cannot keep my Rrrrescue pet?
If for any reason, you cannot keep your RRRRescue Pet, let us know as soon as possible. We will begin the process of taking them back. But, remember, we are here for you before that decision is made. If you have problems - no matter how small - let us know before they become big! We can then provide you the advice and support you need to fix the problems before they get out of control.


Do RRRRescue pets need foster homes?
Yes, yes, yes! In fact, because we do not have a facility, foster homes are the backbone of our organization. Without foster homes, we could not rescue anyone!

What does it mean to foster a Rrrrescue Pet?
As a Foster, you would give a pet a temporary home - until we find a suitable permanent adoptive home. You give your foster pet a soft, dry place to sleep, yummy food to eat, and lots of play time! You also help RRRRescue find your Lucky Dog a great home!

What if my Foster needs to go to the vet?
RRRRescue will pay for the vet care at one of our approved vet partners. Contact your Foster Coordinator to discuss before you make an appointment!