Rolling River Ranch & Rescue

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There are many ways to donate to Rolling River Ranch and Rescue, so you can pick exactly which program benefits from your donation. Donate via the link above to assist with the general funds.  We are an entirely volunteer run rescue, so every penny goes to the animals. 


To assist with vet care - donate via our Youcaring fundraiser:

Vet care is expensive, and the more funds we raise, the more pets we can save! We do a lot of things on our own to save money, such as routine vaccines, combo tests, heartworm tests, fecal floats, and deworming.  

A pack of 25 heartworm tests for dogs costs $99.99.

A pack of 25 cat vaccines costs $149.99.

A pack of 25 dog vaccines costs $142.99. + the kennel cough vaccine at 25 for 79.99.

Last but not least, a pack of 25 feline combo tests costs $369.99.

That's the cheapest possible way to get vetting done, and the cost is still high.  On top of that, we have vet costs for spay/neuter, rabies vaccines, and any condition pets come into rescue with - coming from shelters there are many! Dogs come in with heartworms, heartworm induced heart failure, kennel cough, skin conditions, etc. Cats often come in with Upper Respiratory Infections, Extreme Dehydration, and severe intestinal parasites.
Click on either button on this page to donate to the general fund, to be used where need is greatest. 


To donate directly toward our veterinary expenses you can call Southshore Animal Hospital at (504) 831-7724, and make a donation to the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue account via credit card. 

We have an Amazon Wishlist where you can buy things that we need and have them shipped straight to headquarters: